Founded on April 30,1999,Changsha Heijingang Industrial Co.,Ltd is a famous privately operated enterprise specialized in researching and manufacturing rock drilling equipment and pneumatic tools. The company has rich scientific research and production experience. It produces high quality rock drilling products by using high quality raw material, utilizing advanced craft technology and imposing strict quality inspection. The products made by HJG are being sold well all over China and exported to more than 50 countries such as America, France, Australia, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysian, South Korea and so on. And it has gained a high praise and a good reputation.

        Changsha Heijingang is located in Leifeng’hometown Wangcheng, Hunan, with land area of 110000m2 and workshop space of 50000m2.Currently we have more than 700 employees and we are equipped with wide range of advanced equipment required for manufacturing rock drilling machine and pneumatic tools. We have designed and manufactured the following products: the most advanced high air pressure DTH hammer in China, various kinds of DTH bits, eccentric drilling equipment, symmetric drilling equipment,casing System,various kinds of threaded drilling bits,reverse circulation hammers and bits,shank adapters and coupling sleeves,new-style wells geothermal drilling rig,open-air blasthole drilling rig,all kinds of tool joints and drill pipes and spare parts for drill rig.

   Changsha Baolai Import & Export Co., Ltd is a unique wholly-owned and official trading company of BD Drill to export rock drilling tools manufactured by BD Drill herself to all of the world, also provide professional one-station trading services in rock drilling products, such as drill rod, drill pipe, grinding machine and comsumbles, spare parts of drilling strings on rigs, chemical material used in water well drilling, casing tube, drag bit, geothemal drilling tools, exploration drilling tools air compressor, mining equipment consumbles, etc.,